Fall Scarves Under $20

I have never been so ready for Fall. It seems like this Summer has dragged on and the heat gets old after a while. Not only does the heat get to me but I’m not a huge fan of Summer clothes. I have a hard time finding shorts that fit me so I wear jeans or a maxi all summer… Read More

Thoughts About Our First BarkBox

I love Facebook, it’s one of my favorite things ever but what drives me crazy are the lovely ads that follow you around on there. One ad that has followed me around like crazy is the BarkBox ad. I think that I signed in to BarkBox many moons ago and so it keeps haunting me til I finish my sign… Read More

Game Day Essentials

  Football season is almost here and my household is all about supporting our favorite teams. Since we live in Dallas, you know we support all Texas teams like our favorites – Dallas Cowboys and Texas Rangers. We attend as many games as possible and somehow my husband has turned me into a sports fan. Even though I played sports… Read More

Things to do in Chicago

Located in the State of Illinois, Chicago is one of the busiest cities in America. There is so much history, so many things to do, and beautiful sights to see all throughout the city! If you’ve never been to Chicago, I highly suggest you go! Because there are so many things to do within the city it truly was really… Read More

Organic Kid-Friendly Snacks

1. Honey Stinger Organic Chocolate Waffles, 16 pk — $17.79 Save Up to 15% and Free Shipping with Subscribe & Save Final Price: $15.12 Shipped 2. Annie’s Homegrown Organic Bunny Fruit Snacks, 24 pk — $13.79 Save Up to 15% and Free Shipping with Subscribe & Save Final Price: $11.72 Shipped 3. Cascadian Farms Organic Chewy Granola Bars, 6 ct… Read More

Items I Always Carry in My Purse

Sometimes when I glance in my purse I freak out because it’s such a mess. It seems that my purse is a catch all. No matter what, everything gets stuffed in there no matter if it’s my husband’s candy or a receipt from my last shopping trip.  It’s a ‘safe’ place, I know that no matter what goes in there… Read More

Natural Ways to Lighten Your Hair

No matter what color of type of hair you have, it seems like you are longing for something different. If you have dark hair, you dream of having lighter hair. If you have curly hair, you want straight. I think it’s in our nature to always want something else.  I’ve found over the years growing up and dying my hair… Read More

5 Car Ride Games to Play during a Road Trip

Road Trips can be so much fun but they can also be extremely long and seem to take forever! You may need something to pass the time, so I really enjoy playing games! It can be difficult to play board games in the car, and you can feel sick if you play video games! So an alternative to both of… Read More

Otavea Sugar Scrubs Don’t Disappoint

I’m always looking for amazing products and Otavea is one of those. I found them on Twitter and started following what they are doing. After a few chats, I tried their body scrubs and instantly fell in love. It doesn’t hurt that they are based out of Austin, TX – I love to keep business in the great state of… Read More

Tips for Working From Home

Being on a strict schedule is not my style.  Structure is great for some people but it’s one thing that kills my creativity. Having the luxury of working from home is something that is one of the best things ever. To be able to get out of bed, walk 100 feet and be at work is a beautiful thing. At… Read More